Private Yacht Charter or Cruise Ship Travelling in Turkey?

Private Yacht Charter or Cruise Ship Travelling in Turkey?

As Turkey is a destination full of spectacular coasts, crystal clear waters and historical beauties, there is a growing confusion among travel enthusiasts between private yacht charter in Turkey. You can easily decide which type of holiday to choose according to your personal preference.

What are the Advantages of Private Yacht Charter?

Personalised Experience: You can determine your route and programme completely according to your own wishes. You will have a great experience with a crew that serves only for you.

Maximum Comfort and Privacy: You travel on your yacht in a special atmosphere of being with only your family or friends. It offers a comfortable environment away from the crowds and narrow cabin troubles of cruise ships.

Flexibility and Freedom: You can change your route, stop wherever you want and travel freely at your own pace and rhythm without being tied to limited programmes like on cruise ships.

Unique Landscapes and Hidden Bays: You can reach hidden bays and quiet beaches that cruise ships cannot reach. You will have the opportunity to discover Turkey's natural beauties more closely with your private boat you have rented.

More Personal Service: Since private yacht charter serves for a smaller group, the crew will take more care of you. You will also have a private chef who will always take care of all your food and beverage preferences and special requests.

What are the Disadvantages of Cruise Ships?

Crowded and Limited Spaces: On cruise ships, you usually have to travel with crowded groups. Common areas, restaurants and pools are usually very busy, cramped and limited.

Fixed Programmes and Routes: Cruise ships usually travel on a fixed programme and you have to stick to the routes. There is no such thing as making a special plan or making spontaneous decisions.

Non-Customisable Holiday: Cruise ships mostly offer a general holiday experience and have limitations in terms of customisability.

Limited Transport: Cruise ships usually dock in large harbours, resulting in limited access to smaller, spectacular bays and hidden places.

Fixed Meal Times: On cruise ships, you are usually subject to restaurants that are served at certain times.

When you charter a private yacht, you can have more flexible meal times and personalised dining options, and you can make a request at any time from the crew team who are always there for you.

Where are the most suitable regions for yacht holidays in Turkey?

We mentioned above that Turkey offers a perfect destination for yacht holidays with its dazzling coasts, rich history and unique natural beauties. For those considering a yacht holiday, we would like to mention which regions of Turkey you can choose.

Aegean Region: It is a highly preferred region for yacht holidays. Cities such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye are known for their crystal clear waters and bays famous for their historical texture. You can discover these marvellous beauties by renting a private yacht.

Mediterranean Region: This is another important region that offers attractive options for travellers looking for a yacht holiday. Regions such as Antalya, Kaş and Kalkan are perfect for those who want to travel on luxury yachts. The warm climate of the Mediterranean attracts those who want to have an unforgettable holiday experience with its magnificent bays, beaches and historical ruins.

A private yacht holiday in Turkey means exploring these regions, each with its own unique beauty. Natural beauty and warm Turkish hospitality are the main factors that make a yacht holiday in Turkey unforgettable.

Turkey private yacht charter is the perfect option for those who want to explore Turkey's spectacular coastline and experience unforgettable moments. Personalised experience, maximum comfort, flexibility and wonderful views make for an unforgettable yacht holiday. Chart your own route and discover the beauties of Turkey with your chartered private yacht!

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