You can safely rent a catamaran in Croatia and enjoy your holiday.
You can safely rent a catamaran in Croatia and enjoy your holiday.

Does it make sense to Rent A Catamaran in Croatia in 2024?

Croatia is a unique destination known for its crystal clear waters, magnificent landscapes and historical richness. Holidaymakers often prefer catamaran charter to explore these beauties. Now let's answer the questions in the minds of those who want to rent a catamaran in Croatia in 2024.

What are the Advantages of Catamaran Charter in Croatia?

1. Safety:
Catamarans are more stable as they have two hulls unlike monohull boats. This feature provides a safer journey in choppy seas. Even for people with less maritime experience, catamarans stand out with their robust structure and low rollover risks.

2. More Spacious Living Spaces:
Catamarans usually have spacious interiors and large deck areas. Two hulls mean more cabins and seating areas. This makes it an ideal option for groups of friends or families. Holidaymakers can enjoy the opportunity to spend time on a catamaran in a spacious and comfortable living space.

3. Ease of Entry into Shallow Waters:
The low draft (the part that extends underwater) of catamarans makes travelling in shallow waters easier. This provides access to places that other boats cannot reach, such as hidden coves or access to smaller islands. Renting a catamaran offers the chance to reach undiscovered beauties.

4. Sailing Performance:
Catamarans generally have better sailing performance. The stability provided by the two hulls allows for better manoeuvring even in windy conditions. This is a particularly important advantage for sailing enthusiasts.

5. Practical and Comfortable Travelling:
Catamarans generally offer a flat floor indoors, which means less jolting and more comfort for travellers. Also, deck layouts make it easier to get around the boat.

6. Less Fuel Consumption:
The stability provided by two hulls usually means less resistance and lower fuel consumption. This offers both an environmentally friendly option and reduces the cost for long distance travelling.

Catamarans are an ideal option for exploring Croatia's spectacular coasts and islands. For sailing enthusiasts looking for more comfort, safety and manoeuvrability, renting a catamaran can offer an unforgettable experience.

When is the Best Time to Charter a Catamaran in Croatia?

If you want to discover the beauties of Croatia, it is important to plan your holiday at the right time. Generally, May and September are the months when the peak tourist season is out and the weather conditions are favourable. However, the summer months are also a great option for a pleasant sea holiday in the warm waters of Croatia.

Which Routes Should I Follow After Chartering a Catamaran?

Croatia is famous for its islands and bays and therefore there are many great routes for catamaran charterers. Starting from popular harbour cities such as Split , Dubrovnik, Hvar and Korcula, it is possible to explore destinations of natural beauty such as the Elafiti Islands and Mljet. Each route offers a different experience, so it is important to choose an itinerary according to your personal preferences.

What are the Costs of Chartering a Catamaran in Croatia?

Catamaran charter costs in Croatia can vary depending on several factors. Factors such as the season, the size of the catamaran, the level of equipment and the duration of the charter are important factors affecting prices. However, in general, in terms of daily costs per group, travelling with friends or family can reduce the costs of chartering a boat individually.

Is it necessary to make a reservation in advance to rent a catamaran in Croatia?

It is important to book a catamaran charter in Croatia in advance, especially during the summer months. This ensures that a catamaran will be available on the dates and with the specifications you want. Also, early bookings often offer the advantage of discounted rates.

In 2024, those who plan to rent a catamaran in Croatia can plan their holiday by paying attention to the answers to these questions. We wish you a safe and enjoyable sea holiday!

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