Some of the best routes for yacht charter in Croatia are included in our content.
Some of the best routes for yacht charter in Croatia are included in our content.

Best Routes for Yacht Holidays in Croatia

Croatia is the perfect place for a yacht holiday, with its beautiful coastline, historic towns and gorgeous islands. Here are some of the best routes for a yacht in Croita:

Split to Dubrovnik: Split is Croatia's second largest city and a great starting point for a yacht holiday. From here you can sail towards Dubrovnik. Along this route you can explore beautiful islands such as Hvar, Brac and Korcula. Dubrovnik is famous for its historic city and you should definitely visit it on this route.

Zadar to the Kornati Islands: Zadar is located in the north of the Adriatic Sea and is close to the Kornati Islands National Park. Along this route, marvellous landscapes and tranquil bays await you. The Kornati Islands are a great option for those who want to sail and get in touch with nature.

Pula to Rovinj: Pula is famous for its ancient Roman ruins. From here you can make your way to Rovinj. Rovinj is a picturesque fishing town and fascinating with its historical texture. Along this route you can also see interesting natural formations such as Lim Fjord.

Dubrovnik to the Elafit Islands: Dubrovnik is a great starting point for travelling south to the Elafit Islands. Visit islands such as Sipan, Lopud and Kolocep and discover tranquil beaches and historic monasteries.

Split to Vis Island: Vis is Croatia's most remote island and is famous for its tranquil atmosphere. It is a nice route option to go from Split to Vis. The island is known for historical sites, beaches and delicious seafood.

When choosing the route of your yacht holiday, you can consider different options depending on what kind of experiences you are looking for and how much time you have to explore the beauties of Croatia. Each route will offer a different Croatia experience.

Is Croatia Worth Going for a Sailing Yacht Holiday?

Croatia is a fantastic destination for a sailing yacht holiday and is definitely worth a visit. The country's unique coastline, crystal clear waters and dozens of islands offer a dream setting for sailors. Croatia's tranquil bays, historic harbours and natural beauty offer many opportunities to explore for those who love sailing. You will also have the chance to discover historic towns, rich cultural heritage and delicious local cuisine while sailing in Croatia. Therefore, Croatia stands out as an unforgettable yacht holiday destination for sailing enthusiasts looking for unique experiences.

Furthermore, another advantage of a sailing yacht holiday in Croatia is the freedom to choose between the country's beautiful islands. Each island has a different atmosphere and a choice of activities, allowing you to customise your holiday to your own liking. Blended with the historical and natural beauties of Croatia, a sailing yacht holiday offers an unforgettable experience for sailing enthusiasts.

How much does it cost to travel by yacht in Croatia?

The cost of travelling by yacht in Croatia can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Here are some of the main factors that affect this cost:

Yacht Type: The type, size and comfort level of the yacht greatly affect the cost. Larger and luxury yachts have higher charter prices.

Season: The holiday season is an important factor affecting the cost of yacht charter. High season is usually during the summer months (June-August) and prices may be higher during this period.

Charter Period: How long you want to charter the yacht determines the cost. Longer charters can often be more economical than daily or weekly rates.

Route and Ports: Which route you will follow and which harbours you will anchor in are also factors that affect the cost. Some harbours may be more expensive.

Extras: Extras are also added to the cost of yacht charter. This can include fuel, harbour fees, yacht staff (if required), food and beverage costs.

What is the Best Month For A Holiday in Croatia?

The best months for a holiday in Croatia are usually the summer months. These months are ideal for enjoying warm weather, sunny days and the sea. The ideal holiday month can vary depending on personal preferences and activities, but below you can find out which months are the most popular for holidays in Croatia:

June: June is the start of the tourist season. Air temperatures rise, but crowds are not yet high. It is an ideal month to visit the coastal areas, beaches and islands.

July-August: These months are Croatia's high season. Air temperatures reach their highest levels and sea water temperatures are ideal. However, there may be more crowds in popular tourist areas due to the large number of tourists.

September: September comes towards the end of the summer season while still offering beautiful weather. The temperature starts to drop, but sea water temperatures are still favourable for swimming. Also, crowds may have diminished.

May and October: These months can also be visited, but the weather can be a little cooler and sea water temperatures are lower. However, they can be ideal for those looking for a quieter holiday experience.

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