In 2024, experience the advantage and pleasure of renting a gulet, there are many reasons to rent a gulet
In 2024, experience the advantage and pleasure of renting a gulet, there are many reasons to rent a gulet

How does the charter experience differ with a gulet

In the summer of 2024, get ready to have an unforgettable holiday experience with special reasons for gulet charter ! Accompanied by the embracing beauties of nature, this unique journey embraced by the deep blue waters invites you to an extraordinary adventure. The gulet cruise, where luxury and comfort come together, will allow you to anchor in dreamy bays. Offering not only a holiday but also an escape experience, this special journey invites you to relax in a peaceful atmosphere, away from the stress of daily life.

The gulet, where the special crew will welcome you, will offer everything you may need during your holiday. Delicious meals prepared by talented chefs in the kitchen, a cool drink on the deck while watching the sunset, and peaceful nights in comfortable cabins... Whether with friends or family, gulet charter offers a holiday opportunity that people of all age groups can enjoy.

What are the differences between chartering a gulet and a motor yacht

There are several impressive reasons to rent a gulet instead of a motor yacht for an unforgettable holiday.

1. Economic:
When you compare costs, gulet charter stands out as a more budget-friendly alternative to motor yacht charter. Gulet weekly rates usually include fuel for a four-hour cruise per day and the fuel needed to run the air conditioning. In contrast, motor yacht charter usually means additional fuel costs, making traditional gulet charter a more economical choice.

2. Wide Deck Layout:
Gulets are particularly notable for their large deck areas, which distinguishes them from motor yachts. While motor yachts can offer sunbathing, outdoor dining and sometimes deck-top seating areas, gulets are equipped with large decks. This makes everyone on board feel comfortable and allows them to find their own private space, enhancing the holiday experience on the water.

3. Flexibility of Accommodation on Board:
Unlike many motor yachts with limited capacity, many gulets can comfortably accommodate more than 12 guests at the same time. This flexibility is a great advantage for large groups or families travelling together. Chartering multiple motor yachts to accommodate everyone can strain the budget, but a single gulet can serve a larger group at a more affordable price.

4. Modern Amenities:
Gulets are equipped with a variety of modern entertainment features to enhance the experience. They offer a range of amenities from Wi-Fi on deck and TV screens in the saloon and cabins, to music system, USB connection for multimedia devices, even DVD players and Play Station. These modern conveniences add an additional joy to the gulet charter experience.

What are the Priority Cities for Gulet Charter in Turkey?

Bodrum: Located in the Aegean Sea, Bodrum is a popular yacht charter destination. The turquoise waters around Bodrum and the bays surrounded by natural beauty offer an attractive option for gulet holidays.

Marmaris: Located in southwest Turkey, Marmaris is known for its natural beauty and beautiful bays. It is a preferred region for gulet charter.

Fethiye: The starting point of the Lycian Way, Fethiye is known for its magnificent bays and historical ruins. Gulet tours can start from here and head to the surrounding bays.

Gocek: Gocek Bay is surrounded by many islands and offers a calm and beautiful environment for gulet holidays.

In the summer of 2024, renting a gulet stands out with the unique experience, economic and other advantages it offers. A holiday with unforgettable memories awaits you in various cities of Turkey, especially in destinations where gulet holidays are popular such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek. Get ready to experience your dream holiday by renting a gulet in the summer of 2024 to explore the blue of the sea, meet the historical richness and spend a peaceful break on a comfortable ship!

When is the Best Time to Plan a Holiday with Gulet Charter?

Determining the ideal time to plan a gulet charter holiday can vary depending on holidaymakers' personal preferences, their destination and the season they intend to travel. But in general, the most popular times for gulet holidays in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions are usually spring and summer months. During this period, warm weather, clear sea and sunny days make the sea holiday more enjoyable. Between May and October can be the perfect time to enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters and exploring the bays.

However, for those who are thinking of travelling outside of spring and summer, gulet charter opportunities can also be found in the winter months. Especially for those who want to get away from the crowds, winter can offer a quiet and peaceful experience. However, sea water can generally be cooler during this period. Therefore, weather conditions, crowd conditions and personal preferences should be taken into consideration when determining the ideal time.

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